No matter what industry you’re in, competition is likely a major challenge to the success of both your business and marketing initiatives. This is increasingly the case in the digital space, with self-serve platforms like Google and Facebook Ads lowering the barrier to entry for marketers.

Understanding what your competitors are doing in the digital marketing space can help guide your own marketing strategy and can reveal opportunities to help you stand out.

CommonMind’s free digital marketing competitive assessment provides you with a comparison with two competitors that you get to specify. In the custom report we produce for you, we will evaluate the following:

  • Competitive SEM Benchmarks – Find out the domain authority and traffic estimates for your top competitors as well as their paid and organic search spend
  • Page Speed Insights – Determine how your competitors’ mobile and desktop page speed measure up
  • Organic Keyword Strategy – Gain an understanding of what keywords your competitors rank for compared with your own top keyword rankings
  • Paid Keyword Strategy – Find out what keywords your competitors are bidding on and how much they’re spending each month on paid search (also includes a list of top ads and landing pages)
  • Overlapping Keywords – Our analysis lists which of your keywords your competitors are also targeting
  • Google My Business Overview – We’ll review your Google My Business listing and provide feedback to improve it 

After you submit the information, it will take us one business day to deliver the results. You will then have actionable insights on what you can do to improve the ROI of your paid and organic search campaigns.