Your website is your digital home. Whether you use it to house valuable content or you have an ecommerce business, a well-performing website is crucial to your success. 

But do you actually know how your website is performing? What if there are elements of your website that could be giving visitors a negative experience?

CommonMind’s free Website Grader tool can quickly assess the overall performance of your website and provide you with valuable insights, including:

  • Performance - How your website performs in terms of speed and what elements could be bringing your page speed down.
  • SEO - How optimized your website is for search engines and driving organic traffic to your pages.
  • Mobile Friendliness - How your website performs when viewed on a mobile device. 
  • Security - How secure your website is including elements such as secure JavaScript libraries. 

After reviewing your website’s results, the Website Grader will provide you with essential next steps for improving your website’s grade in each of the areas evaluated.

Assess your website for vulnerabilities, SEO optimization, and overall user experience. It only takes a few seconds.